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NCHS- All classes A story will be born on Monday the 7th in the Pre-kindergarten room and be passed from class to class all week for everyone to build the plot. The book will have visited every room in every grade level by Friday. The masterpiece of our writing chain will be read for all students to enjoy and hear what each class has contributed!
NCHS Auditions will be held a week prior to Book Fest to find five talented students who will compose and present a book trailer to the whole school over the PA. Students will promote the book of their choice and entice others to read and share in their enjoyment.
NCHS CLC Students will gather for a mystery story telling event in the CLC. The ‘mystery story teller’ will have their voice slightly disguised and will be hidden behind a screen where only a shadow will be given as a clue. What teacher has been swapped to entertain you with a classic story? Only the best detectives will know.
NCHS Grade 5 and 6 students will select a children’s story to read and animate in front of the Pre-K and Kindergarten children every afternoon this week.
NCHS Classroom doors throughout the building will be decorated to reflect a favorite book, a famous book character, or a book series. Judges will circulate on April 8th and the winning class will benefit from a special reward donated by our Home and School.
St. Patrick’s Elementary School Each day we will read one of Jane Yolen’s books from the popular “How Do Dinosaurs…?” series. We will complete an accompanying activity and get to watch the corresponding animated video that brings our beloved dinosaurs to life on screen.
Our activities will things such as include responding to literature through writing and drawing, creating art, crafts, and dramatic reenactments.
MBS Renaissance Room Students from Secondary 3-4-5 English will be participating in a Slam Poetry event. In the weeks prior to the event, students will be able to view slam poetry performances and participate in confidence building exercises. The culminating task will be for students to create and perform their own slam poem.
GPS School During the week of April 7-11, students will be asked to stop, sit, and read for 15mins+ at 1:30 each day.
Bonaventure Polyvalent School The BPS Book Club is an all inclusive club aimed at 3 goals:
a. to foster a love of reading and to encourage daily reading
b. to make books/book discussions a part of the social lives of students
c. to allow students access to reading materials that are aimed at their levels and interests.
The Book Club meets every Monday at noon in the BPS Library. All students can join. There are no tests/pressure/reading requirements, etc. The Book Club discusses books, shares thoughts, and recommends books to each other in a social atmosphere, complete with cookies!
Queen Elizabeth High School Literary Cafe
April 8th – 11th
TUESDAY: 3rd Period April 8th
*PJ Day and BookFest Walkabout (students will bring book and book review to display in auditorium)
*Mats in auditorium for 1 hour of silent reading – ALL students
*Hot chocolate and cookies provided.
*Give out prizesWEDNESDAY:
*Quotes from famous writers and artists & fun facts about reading
*Quotes from famous writers and artists & fun facts about reading
FRIDAY: Afternoon of April 11th (1:15 – 3:00 Pm)
In Auditorium: (set up as a café)

*Literary Cafe – students will present a variety of pieces of writing of different genres
( Different poem types; short story; book reviews; songs; oral stories; jokes, etc; that they have written
*Juice and cookies provided at intermission

The Outer Limits, Metis Beach School In Drama and Visual Arts, the students have transposed favourite children stories into short plays. They created their props and a few puppet characters to accompany the student actors. During Bookfest they will present their versions to younger students.
NCHS Every classroom in the building with have a copy of the ‘race book’. Who will be the first class to buzz in to the office with the correct answer is yet to be seen! The ‘race book’ will be well worn out by the end of the week after students have raced to find the answers to all 12 time sensitive questions. Who will be the champion of the BOOK RACE?
Halls of NCHS Do we have the student population to stretch from one end of the school to the other during a school wide reading chain? Students will pick their favorite book, a comfy spot and the clock will strike 1. If all goes as planned, our entire school will be benefiting from uninterrupted reading from the north wing to the south door!
NCHS Throughout the month of March and April, our photography club will seek and find readers of all ages to photograph for their bulletin board display. All participants have to do is get caught reading. We call it the easiest game ever!
GIS PreK-K Classroom Students from PreK-Grade 2 will invite their parents in to read together and have tea, milk and cookies.
Baie-Comeau High School 1. BCHS will be hosting a BOOK FAIR starting on or around April 28th in collaboration with the CLC and Babar Books (Montreal). The book fair will also be open to the public.2. DEAR: On April 11, we will organize a Drop Everything And Read event, having the students and staff pick up a book 4-5 times a day and read for 10 minutes. When you hear the special bell, it is time to get your nose in a book.

3. A literary magazine produced by the Sec III-V ELA class in collaboration with Metis Beach School should be launched sometime before mid-April. The focus is on GENOCIDES.

4. The students will be walking to the local French bookstore in order to make their selections for novels/books they want to purchase for the classroom library. Funding is made possible by the special library measures (ESSB) and participation in the Entrepreneur contest.

There will be more!

GIS School Library Parents and students of preschool and community day care, as well as those of 0-4 year olds in the community will read stories, play games, sing, and have a special snack.
St Patrick’s School During French class, students in Grade 5-6 will do a research about the origine and history of their last names. They will write informations and at the end of the project, we will make a book that will include all the informations they found. They will also learn the history of their town in this project.
St. Patrick’s School Cycle 2 students will publish their stories into books. During Book Fest week, each day an author’s chair will take place with 2 students reading their stories to the K/Cycle 1 classes.
New Richmond High School New Richmond High School Book Fest Week
Favorite Book Basket—Students will bring in one or two of their favorite books and will be asked to present them to the class. All books will be displayed in the basket so that other students can read them throughout the week.
Reading Challenge—Students will be challenged to read a book each night with their parents or siblings, and in class. Students will tally the number of books read.
Guest Readers—Parents/grandparents will be invited to come in and share a book with the students.
Grades 1 and 2:
Reading Buddies with Grades 3 and 4.
Art Activity–Students will illustrate a favorite book cover.
Pyjama Day—Students will wear their pyjamas for the day, and bring in a blanket or pillow to read their favorite stories.
Grades 3 and 4:
On Tuesday April 8th, Grade 3-4 will have a literacy workshop with the PAELE group (Barbara Flowers and Trudy Brown). It will show the students how to promote literacy with younger siblings.
Grade 3 and 4 will also have “Reading Buddies” time with Grade 1-2. Grade 3-4 will read to them.
Grade 5 and 6:
1. Daily D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read) time in class
2. Nightly reading homework only.
3. Book Talks – A short oral presentation on a book they have recently completed reading.
4. Shared Reading – Students will share with early elementary students an “Easter picture book” that they wrote and illustrated.
Author Visits–There will be Catherine Austen for elementary; tentative schedule is April 10, 12:55-1:45 and 1:55-2:45pm. Paul Blackwell (PJ Bracegirdle) will be available for secondary students and the tentative schedule is April 9, 8:20-9:10am and 9:15-10am.
New Richmond High School Home and School will be donating a book to each student from Pre-K through Grades 6 to take home. A class set of books is being donated to each high school classroom also.
Shigawake Theme Days
Tuesday (8th) – Jog into a Good Book! Come dressed in your favourite jogging suit.
Wednesday (9th) – Hats off to Reading! Students are allowed to wear their favourite hats; one that says something about their own character.
Thursday (10th) – Book Character: Students are to come dressed as a book character (Fictional or non-fictional)!
Friday (11th) – Read Me Day! Students are encouraged to design their own t-shirt for others to read.
Participates will be eligible for our daily prize draw!
Shigawake On April 11, 2014, as a school, we are committing to read beyond our daily recommended tasks and assignments, to raise funds for school activities this year.
shigawake Students will have an opportunity to participate in Read-a-louds in an effort to have them actively engaged in the story reading progress.
shigawake A work will be held to help students develop the skills to be great buddy reader. Students will focus on key elements necessary to making reading a book to a younger student a positive experience.
shigawake An in-class study of the book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Fun cross-curricular activities will be held throughout the week in the preschool classroom.
Escuminac School WHY DO WE READ?
In class discussion of the various reasons we read. (Favourite authors, genres, etc.)
Activity: Each students will write/illustrate their individual reasons for reading. All pages will be complied into a group book.Activity: Illustrate their favourite book cover and displayed in the halls.

Activity: PJ Day! Bring your favourite book and share with others. Don’t forget your special stuffed friend!

Riverview Elementary Secondary students will read to Preschool and Elementary students throughout the week.
Riverview Elementary Students and teachers will design a quilt piece that represents their favourite place to read and why.
Riverview Elementary Secondary students will write a haiku about reading.
Riverview Elementary Secondary students will illustrate a book.
Riverview Elementary Elementary students write poetry about reading.
Riverview Elementary Preschool students have a “Reading Club’ activity regularly in class.
A Reading Club will begin for interested elementary students.
Riverview Elementary Preschool: Tell about a story they have read.
Grade 1-2-3: Tell about their favourite book character.
Grade 4-5-6: Reader’s Theatre
Secondary: Debate with students
Belle Anse School Drop Everything and Read. Students will carry a book everywhere for the week and be ready to stop everything and get engrossed in a story.
Belle Anse School All students and teachers will dress up as their favourite story book character for a day.
Belle Anse School During bookfest each student will invite a parent, grand-parent or other family member to come in to the school so they can spend time reading together.
Belle Anse School The teachers will select 4 English books and 4 French books to enter into a round-robin tournament and read those books with the students. The students will then vote on which book in each set will be the winner until we eliminate all books and are left with a final winner.
Belle Anse School Students will work in class to redesign a cover page to their favourite book.
Belle Anse School Grade 4,5,6 students will interview a grandparent, finding about their past and how things were when they were the age of the student. After discovering this information students will create a narrative. All stories will be compiled in a book.
Once the book is created this activity will be followed up by a book share, inviting the grandparents into the school.
Belle-Anse School Dans la classe de maternelle et de pré-maternelle nous allons créer un livre qui parle de nous! Les élèves concevrons chacun une page qui parlera d’eux. Lorsqu’il sera terminé, les élèves pourront apporter le livre à la maison et le lire aux membres de leur famille.
Belle Anse School The teachers will choose an age-appropriate book that has an environmental awareness theme (English or French) and use it as a discussion starter about the need to be mindful of the importance of being Earth-friendly.
GES D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) occurs daily throughout the week. At random times, the school bell will be rung and the students and staff must drop what they are doing and read for 10 minutes. Everyone will have to carry a book around with them throughout the day to be prepared for D.E.A.R.
GES french class Après avoir lu un livre avec plusieurs personnages, les élèves vont présenter une scène pour la classe des petits en français.
Gaspe Elementary The Grade 1 students of GES will bring home their favourite book from class to share with a loved one (parent, older sibling, relative, neighbor). They will then complete a paper together which involves writing about and drawng their favourite part of the book. The papers will be collected and made into a class book called “Grade 1’s Favourite Stories”.
Gaspe Elementary The Cycle 3A students will pair up with the Cycle 1A students to read stories to each other.
Gaspe Elementary Each class at G.E.S will pick a favourite book and decorate their classroom door to represent their chosen book. On Friday, the teachers will take their class on a tour of the different classroom doors.
Gaspe Elementary The bulletin board at the entrance of the school will be decorated with pictures of the students reading books and a summary of their book will be posted below the picture.
Gaspe Elementary School Students from gr.6 will pick their favorite book to read to the Kindergarten class.
Gaspe Elementary Each staff member of the school chooses their favourite storybook to read to the students. On the morning of the activity, all students will be assembled in the gym and the staff will announce the title of their book. Students will then seperate and find the teacher with the book that interests them. The teachers will then take their group of students to a quiet place in the school and read them the book. The students will return to class after the reading.
Gaspe Elementary School Students will bring and share their favorite book from home.
Gaspe Elementary A Scholastic Book Fair will happen during the BookFest week at G.E.S. A variety of children’s books and some adult books will be on sale for the school and public to buy – proceeds from the Book Fair go towards buying new books for the classrooms’ libraries.
Gaspe Elementary Grade 3 really enjoys our weekly show and tell. Each student will select their favourite book to share with their classmates and talk about why they enjoy this particular book.
Fermont School April 23, 2014 – Book ShareThe students will bring their favourite book to school and share it with their friends.

April 24, 2014 – Author Adventure

The students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 will be divided into groups and each group will be given a box containing books from a specific author. Each group will explore their set of books and discuss the writing style and illustrations. All the students will share one interesting fact with the class.

April 25, 2014 – D.E.A.R. Drop Everything and Read

All the students in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 will read at different times throughout the day.

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